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Our company was started because we understand that lighting is key when it comes to getting a good quality photo.  We designed our mini selfie ringlights because we wanted to provide quality lighting options that matched that of the industrial ringlights which are accessible, portable and affordable to help aspiring beauty bloggers and makeup artists.

We pride ourselves in ensuring we look after our customers and make sure you are happy with the product you receive. Our customer service team is always happy to assist with any questions you may have regarding our products and shipping or about your order. We aim to work as hard as we can to ensure your orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible to minimise your wait time

The traditional Industrial Ringlight

The Ringlight is a professional piece of photography equipment that has been used for years by many creative industries. It consists of multiple LED units around the light generate a ring of light that illuminates your face evenly in all the right places. Benefits of using a ringlight are that it removes all shadows from your face so your skin looks even and flawless. White LED's will ensure there are no unwanted yellow or orange tones in your photos. The white light gives your photos a natural light look, without having to stand in front of a window and wait for the best time of day. Ringlight's highlight and accentuate your features and remove any pixelated or grey areas, providing with the highest quality image.

Why it is different to using flash

Taking a photo using a flash can look artificially bright and overexposed. Flash can draw focus to flaws and blemishes. It provides uneven lighting, as it doesn’t remove all shadows. Another issue with flash is that it is often impossible to avoid red eye. Using lighting from another source - such as our mini selfie light - as opposed to using the flash of a camera will help to eliminate these issues and distribute the right light evenly on your face.


Our Ringlight Selfie

We have designed every aspect of our mini ringlights to ensure the highest quality, durability and style. From the metal housing to the adjustable clip and the white LED's, our ringlight selfie is the perfect tool for every makeup lover, beauty blogger or anyone who simply wants to improve the quality of their photos.

The mini ringlight's adjustable clip can be attached anywhere onto iPhone, Samsung and Android mobile phones, tablets, laptops or iPads. It can be placed to face both the front and the back which is perfect for professionals using it for client photos. The circular light will highlight your face in all the right places and accentuate your features while allowing you to adjust the brightness levels to provide the perfect amount of light that you require at any time.

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