Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a ringlight?

Every makeup artist or makeup lover knows that lighting is everything. White LED lighting provides a professional lighting environment where there is no access to natural light. It is important to avoid yellow lighting when trying capture your makeup looks effectively. 

What are the benefits of using a selfie light?

  • Removes all shadows from your face so your skin looks even and flawless
  • White LED's will ensure there are no unwanted yellow or orange tones in your photos.
  • The white light gives your photos a natural light look, without having to stand in front of a window and wait for the best time of day.
  • Ringlight's highlight and accentuate your features and remove any pixelated or grey areas, providing with the highest quality image.
How does the Ringlight Selfie work?

The Ringlight Selfie is a portable ringlight that can be attached to any popular mobile device. The brightness can be adjusted with the button at the top, which provides three levels of white light.

How is the Ringlight Selfie charged?

Each Ringlight Selfie comes with its own micro USB cord that can be plugged into any charging port. A red light on the ringlight will indicate when the ringlight is charging. It should take only a couple hours to be fully charged. 

What colours are the ringlights available in?

Silver, black or gold options are available.

What types of phones can the Ringlight Selfie be used with?

The Ringlight Selfie has been designed to be a selfie light for iPhone, Samsung and other Android devices. It can also be used on an iPad, tablet or laptop! The clip allows the phone to be used on most new model phones. If you are worried that you may have a very large or thick width phone, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team at, let us know the model of your phone and we can let you know if the Ringlight Selfie is compatible with your phone!

How can I track my parcel?

If you purchased the ‘Standard Untracked Postage’ method, you unfortunately cannot track your parcel throughout every stage of delivery. You will however receive an email once your parcel has been dispatched and once it has been delivered. Please allow approximately 5-10 working days for international delivery.

If you did purchase ‘Tracked’ or ‘Express Shipping’, you will receive your tracking number via an email from the courier company once your order has been picked up from the courier driver. If you did not receive a tracking number, please email our customer service team at with your order number.

Can I put the ringlight over my case?

The clip of the ringlight selfie is designed to be flexible enough to fit multiple types of phones, however as cases are all different sizes and textures, we do not recommend placing it over your case as we cannot guarantee that it will fit. Please use your ringlight carefully and do not force it over a thick case.

My light won’t turn on, is it broken?

Once you receive your ringlight, you may need to charge it with the usb cable provided before using it. A red light will turn on while the ringlight is on charge and once the ringlight is fully charged, it can be turned on using the button at the top. If the red light does not turn on whilst you have the charger plugged in, or if the light does not turn on after being charged, then your product is faulty. If this happens to you, please email our customer service team at and we will ensure a new product is delivered for you.